Where is the Graceland Mansion Located?

Published On: November 6th, 2018

The best time to visit Graceland is all year round, because Elvis’ mansion and the entire area pays homage to the legend of rock and roll. More than six hundred thousand people visit Graceland annually because the magic of Elvis continues to enchant and spread happiness to this day.

Graceland Mansion, Home Of Elvis Presley

Graceland is Elvis’ actual home, and it is situated on a 13.8 acre estate in Memphis, Tennessee. Since the passing of the legendary music icon, Graceland has been under the ownership of Elvis’ daughter Lisa Marie Presley.

The complete address of the Graceland mansion is 3764 Elvis Presley Boulevard, Memphis, Tennessee. The esteemed estate belongs to the notable Whitehaven community, and is located close to the Mississippi border.

Memphis is more than just a place where Elvis Presley used to live. It is a wondrous, living, breathing testament to how music, culture, and love can combine in such a way that it becomes natural for a place to resonate with music and history all year long. Everyone is welcome to visit Memphis and the Graceland mansion, and whether you are die-hard Elvis Presley fan or a foodie out for gastronomic delights, Memphis definitely has something to offer you.

Other places that you can visit around the Graceland mansion are:

#1 – Memphis Zoo – You can get discounted tickets to visit the natural delights of the Memphis Zoo, which is a favorite of families coming in to visit Graceland and Memphis for the first time.

#2 – Hard Rock Café Memphis – Find this great-looking café at the Lansky Bros. building at 126 Beal Street.

#3 – Memphis Riverboats – We’re sure you weren’t quite expecting to ride riverboats when you visit the hometown of the king of rock and roll, but here we are – you can buy tickets at the docks or at the Graceland Plaza Ticket Pavilion.

#4 – National Civil Rights Museum – This unique museum is a testament to the important slice in US history, where social forces banded together to create a more equal and open America, for all.

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The accommodations at the Guest House at Graceland are inspired by the life and times of the King himself, and each room provide insight on how Elvis lived, what his tastes were, and what he was like as a normal person and as a music icon. For example, the Vernon & Gladys suites are one-bedroom suites that are named after Elvis’ parents and the inside architecture is so unique and a perfect throwback to Elvis’ time that just staying inside is a thrilling experience. The same goes for the Living Room Suites that were modeled after Elvis’ TV room at the Graceland mansion.

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