StyleBlueprint – The Guest House at Graceland: A Rockin’ Haven Fit for a King

Published On: March 30th, 2017

Elvis Presley fans might be the best ever. They’re down-to-earth, friendly, loyal and just the right kind of interesting. On top of that, they come from nearly every continent and age group. At The Guest House at Graceland, though, fandom isn’t required. In fact, the Memphis resort hotel, which opened in October 2016, was designed for the Elvis impersonator and the suspicious-minded visitor alike.

Of course, there are subtle nods to the King, but they have been executed with tasteful nuance. No gaudy jumpsuits to be found — unless you count the pointed backs of the lobby chairs. According to Mike Pramshafer, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at The Guest House, the chairs were designed to mimic the shape of Elvis’ upturned collar. Another fun fact: The lobby ceiling replicates the carpet pattern below, and both are inspired by designs on the backs of EP’s jumpsuits.

As guests approach the large white columns and pull into the porte-cochere, they’re sure to encounter Southern hospitality. With or without luggage, whether self-parking or valeting, visitors are treated as invited guests. Mike said that before Elvis died, he had plans for a guest house — albeit much smaller than a 450-room Guest House — to be built at Graceland, so this new hotel is, in fact, an extension of the King’s own brainchild.

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