Guest House Graceland New Years

Whether you’re a music fan (or specifically, the fan of The King, Elvis Presley) or just a regular tourist or guest in Memphis, no other place stands out in terms of comfort, luxury and history than the Guest House at Graceland.

Guest House Graceland New Years

Located in the same property as the historic Graceland Mansion, the Guest House at Graceland is something that you must experience to make your stay in Memphis truly unforgettable. And one of the perks of staying at the Guest House is that they fully expect music fans from across the globe to arrive and so they’ve made it a point to extend the warmest hospitality and best hotel experience to all guests.

Admittedly, the place blooms during the holidays. If you’re thinking of spending your New Year’s Eve away from home just to get a change of scenery, then this is the place to be. Apart from being culturally rich and full of music history, the Guest House at Graceland also offers first class comforts and amenities that you’ll greatly appreciate.

Accommodations at Guest House at Graceland are varied and were designed to bring out different aspects of Memphis living and the King’s personal touch, too. The smallest rooms are still quite large (TCB Suites or “Taking Care of Business Suites”) that feature Southern architecture and warmth like no other.

If you want the full bonanza with a bonus of rock and roll flair, you can book one of the King’s Suites, which features couches with leather exteriors, a massive living space, golden metallic finishes all over. You will have access to two bed room, a living room, a kitchen and your dedicated bar.

Once you’ve checked in at the Guest House, it’s time to head out. What can you do before New Year’s Eve? Here are a couple of ideas:

#1 – Visit the Memphis Zoo, which houses a massive 3,500 kinds of animals for tourists. The zoo is also more than hundred years old and is a permanent part of Memphis history.

#2 – Graceland itself is a great place to stay and spend your time. Apart from walking around and appreciating the rich Southern life reflected by the Graceland area, you can also visit the newly constructed entertainment center or the museum dedicated to automobiles.

#3 – If you love music and live performances, you can also try attending events at the Graceland Soundstage. These live performances are held every Saturday and themed performances are scheduled on the fifteenth and sixteenth of December this year.

We’re sure you’re feeling pretty warm inside right now because Memphis is the place to be during the holidays and the New Year. The New Year’s Eve Gala at the Guest House is coming up (December 31, 2017 – January 1, 2018) and if you’re down for lots of live performances, champagne delivered straight to your room and other great ways to spend New Year’s Eve, then book a room now by calling 800.238.2000 or 901.443.3000.