Planning a Fun Fall Meeting at The Guest House at Graceland Hotel

Published On: July 14th, 2017

The weather is cooling down. The days are getting shorter. Fall is here. With the colors of nature starting to change, this is the best time to get out and explore Memphis. Memphis is considered as one of the hottest meeting destinations today. It offers an outstanding collection of modern meeting facilities and unique event venues. One of the most sought-after meeting venues nowadays is The Guest House at Graceland Hotel.

The Guest House at Graceland Hotel offers an inspirational and unique essence to all who gather or visit. Events and meetings that may be ordinary in other locations come alive here because the energy, the spirit of collaboration, and the creativity of attendees resemble a musical crescendo.

Memphis Tennessee Graceland Event Venue

To make your meetings unforgettable, for instance, you can book the hotel’s 464-seat theater.

5 Benefits of Planning a Meeting at Graceland Hotel

#1, Luxurious

They are the newest luxury resort in Memphis that captures the heart of the Elvis and Graceland brands. It is located just a few steps away from the Graceland Mansion. They bring you that Southern hospitality for which the King was known – the moment you enter the lobby, you will enjoy royal treatment.

#2, Impeccable Meeting Spaces

The resort has over 25,600 sq. ft. of meeting and pre-function spaces with state-of-the-art amenities that can accommodate groups consisting of 1,800 persons. It also includes various flexible and unique venues to host small or large events, along with an executive bedroom and posh rooms to rock out in.

They also have their Grand Ballroom, which is the largest special event and meeting space measuring to almost 11,000 sq. ft. This is the ideal venue for hosting corporate meetings, conventions, and any huge gathering. This spacious area is divided into five separate rooms that range from 929 sq. ft. to 4,700 sq. ft.

#3, Eco-Friendly

If you want to add the beauty and feel of nature, there is a well-manicured 4,000-sq. ft. lawn space for family reunions, wedding and other special events.

Moreover, their huge accommodating deck space and swimming pool can host everything – from cocktail parties to fun team-building exercises.

#4, Delicious Food

The hotel staff will help you make your planned meeting an outstanding success. Their menus represent plenty of the popular items requested. Feel free to ask them if you have prepared a special menu.

#5, Security

Finally, the resort can provide security personnel for your event. However, if you intend to work with a security agent doing business within the city, the agency shall be subjected to prior approval of the resort. Security personnel shall not carry weapons and are only allowed to have access to the space reserved. Most importantly, they must coordinate with the regular security force of the resort.

To learn more about booking your event,visit our Meetings page to request a proposal. 

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