Elvis Week Candlelight Vigil

There is no doubt about it: Elvis Week is almost upon us. Amidst the jollity and celebration associated with Elvis Week, there’s one (or two) things left to do: find out what’s scheduled for Elvis Week at Graceland and of course, book your stay early to avoid hassles at the Guest House, which is literally steps away from the Graceland Mansion.

Elvis Week Candlelight Vigil

This year, Elvis Week is all about remembering and loving Elvis, his legacy, his music, which has deeply touched many of us through the decades. The King lives on through the Guest House at Graceland and through Elvis Week, which is probably the most genuine and legitimate expression of love for Elvis anywhere in the United States. Lovingly spearheaded by Elvis’ loved ones, this year’s event is going to be a blast.

As of this writing, an additional fifteen Elvis acts have been added to the solid roster. Like we said before, the best plan is to plan ahead. Expect some rollicking good fun second to third week of August.

Among the spectacles that you should expect is the candlelight vigil for the King, followed by the Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Concert, and much, much more. There’s going to be plenty of music, cultural events and just a jovial atmosphere for the whole family to enjoy.

Even if you’re not a hardcore Elvis fan, Elvis Week is all about loving life and loving music, which is definitely something that is universally embraced by all. The candlelight vigil is memorable; it happens at the front gates of the Graceland Mansion where Elvis lived and tens of thousands of Elvis fans from all over gather in this quiet  remembrance of the King.

This is a solemn and heartfelt expression of remembrance and the atmosphere is only made more genuine (and authentic) by the fact that it happens right where Elvis lived – Graceland itself.

It’s about time you walked where the King walked and breathe the same air he breathed years ago. This is a the best time of the year to do it, though the Guest House at Graceland is open year-round for folks to visit and enjoy.

Room rates at the Guest House at Graceland start at $339 for the Elvis Week event and booking early will get you not only good rooms but the possibility of discounts as the Guest House at Graceland comes up with discounts for events in between announcements.

So be sure to contact the Guest House the soonest and ask how you can save while gearing up for the most legendary music and culture festival this side of Memphis. Now, in addition to the much-awaited Ultimate Elvis Tribute Concert, additional musical events are also planned for Elvis Week. There’s the gospel music of Elvis, plus a separate Musical Salute to Elvis, plus the massive ’68 Special 50th Anniversary Celebration. And don’t miss the Darlene Love Concert, too! If you enjoy music and fun, you’re going to enjoy Elvis Week at the Graceland, 100%.