Legendary Suite Options at the Guest House at Graceland

Published On: May 10th, 2018

The Guesthouse at Graceland is  one of the more magical accommodations in the state and one that you should definitely visit if you want to partake in the magic of the King of Rock and Roll himself.

Luxury Suites Guest House at Graceland

The Guest House was built not just to provide ultimate comfort to guests, but also to share the local and family culture of Elvis Presley himself, who wasn’t just a musician but a visionary in his own right.

The Guest House is a stone’s throw away from the historic Graceland Mansion and is the closest that you can get to the large than life history and sensibilities of one of the most historic figures of modern rock and roll in this century. The accommodations are modern, urban and spacious, and each with its own history of how they came to be.

The Guest House at Graceland is your premier gateway to this wonderful city; let’s talk about what makes our accommodations the best in the area. The King’s Suites are a treat: two bedrooms, one living room – all the space you could want in a standard suite plus more.

The King’s Suites are modern, laid-back and relaxing: perfect for people who want to take a break from the frenetic life of the city. Gold and cream toned walls and pillars add an exquisite, elegant flair to this suite. Large windows let in natural light, lending the coziest feel to this unit.

If you’re bringing friends and are planning to spend a lot of time catching up, we recommend the Vernon & Gladys Suites which, in addition to being spacious, have an amazing living area with long couches and extra seats for a lot of folks. Everyone’s going to be comfortable and at home at the Vernon & Gladys suite, that was so named after Elvis’ mom and pop.

TCB Suites are all about ‘getting things done.’ Compact yet cozy, TCB Suites reflect Elvis’ work sensibilities – no-nonsense design yet elegant at every turn, this suite is perfect for folks who like functional designs, no muss or fuss. Definitely an inviting suite for all sorts of guests.

And finally, the Living Room Suites. Designed after Elvis Presley’s own television room at the Graceland Mansion, these suites are incredibly comfortable, made with hip architecture and the best in class furniture and accents.

One thing is for certain if you’re staying at the Guest House at Graceland: you’re going to enjoy you stay. You get to pick the right type of suite for you and you will never have to worry about being sidled with a suite that lacks space.

What’s more is that the Guest House is often home to various events like concerts and other musical events that you and your whole family can enjoy. People go here because of the history and its intimate connection with the King of Rock and Roll. We hope that you will be able to find the same connection with us when you book a room to the Guest House at Graceland soon.

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