Learning More About The Full Graceland Experience & Elvis Attractions

Published On: October 8th, 2018

Located in the enormous Whitehaven community, along Elvis Presley Boulevard is a center of legendary attractions like no other: Graceland. No, it is not a park, most definitely not a hiking trail, but something enormously better: a mansion that was considered the home of the legend, Elvis Presley.

Presley Motors Automobile Museum

Since his passing, Graceland has been under the ownership and stewardship of Elvis’ worthy successor, his daughter, Lisa Marie Presley. Just 3.5 miles from the Mississippi border, this nexus of powerful music history is something that you should not miss if Elvis’ music, life and times have touched you in some way in your lifetime.

If you are staying at the Guest House at Graceland, which is mere steps away from the Graceland mansion itself, then you are definitely in for a treat. Here are the best attractions to look forward to on your visit to Graceland:

Your first stop would be the Graceland mansion; the seat of Elvis’ personal life, and a wonderful memento to a man who has changed the music landscape with his fearlessness and innovation.

There will be an interactive iPad tour of the Graceland mansion, and you will be able to see Elvis’ parents’ bedroom, the living room area, the Jungle Room (a must-see!), TV room, the pool area, and the newly renovated and highly improved trophy room.

Next in line would be the Elvis Presley’s Memphis. At 200,000 square feet, this is the most massive entertainment and exhibit complex you will be able to find in the world that is dedicated to the music and life of The King.

In addition to knowing more about Elvis’ history, get more intimately acquainted with the city that inspired his music, and the things that helped Elvis create his legendary material over the years.

Third is the Elvis The Entertainer Career Museum. Here you will be able to trace the path of Elvis’ lively career, as it houses hundreds of once in a lifetime photographs, and artifacts/objects from the most significant milestones of this eternal musician. There is also a stunning collection of gold and platinum records, plus some of his most remarkable jumpsuits that he wore during his live performances.

Fourth in line in your tour of Graceland would be the Presley Motors Automobile Museum. Here you will be able to see firsthand select automobiles that Elvis bought and used while he was still alive, including the legendary pink Cadillac, the Stutz Blackhawk, the 1956 Cadillac Eldorado, and many more.

Finally, we have the Elvis Discovery Exhibits. As the name implies, this part of your tour will immerse you in multiple unique exhibits, each one highlighting Elvis’ influences and parts of his wonderful life as a musician. Among the exhibits are the Presley Cycles Exhibit, Icons: The Influence of Elvis Presley, Mystery Train: The Celebrating Sam Philips Exhibit, and Graceland Soundstage A.

Book your reservation today and experience the unforgettable life and times of Elvis where he would’ve wanted you to be: at the Guest House at Graceland.

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