Elvis Has Fans In Argentina – Rodrigo Guirao Welcomed at The Guest House at Graceland

Published On: June 10th, 2019

Rock ‘n Roll meets Latin Beats! Rodrigo Guirao’s visit to Memphis

It’s no surprise that Elvis has fans all around the world. We delight in hosting and entertaining our international guests who make the journey from all four corners of the earth to witness all things Elvis! The Guest House at Graceland is honored to be a part of their Elvis-inspired adventure and pop culture pilgrimage, welcoming music fans from across the globe.

Recently, we had the opportunity to extend our Memphis hospitality to Argentine actor and musician, Rodrigo Guirao. A gifted entertainer and popular influencer, Guirao is also a singer and guitar player. He wanted to pay homage to the King and we were fortunate to be a part of his experience in Graceland. We were pleased to share local Memphis gems with our Latin American guest and give him the full Elvis experience.

Rodrigo Guirao at the pool at The Guest House at Graceland

If you’re not familiar with Guirao, he is a musician, model, television, film and theater actor from Vicente Lopez, Buenos Aires, Argentina. He’s known for his work on Desperate Housewives (Latin versión), Patito Feo, Terra Ribelle (Italia), Solo Quimica (España), and Señora Acero (USA Telemundo). He’s also a force of positivity and influence in Latin America with over 1.3 million Instagram followers. He was an enthusiastic supporter of our hotel, Graceland, and Memphis to all of his fans while he was a guest here. Be sure to follow him  @rodrigoguirao!

Guirao isn’t our only Argentine guest to Memphis. According to the US Dept of Commerce and ITA’s 2018 reports, visitors from Argentina to the USA have steadily increased year over year. There was a 10% growth from 2016 to 2017, and 85% of these travelers came here for vacation (not business). The trend for international visitors has steadily continued to increase, according to TN state. In particular, Latin America makes up 8% of the 767,000 international travelers to TN with Memphis being the top destination after Nashville for international travel. The Elvis Argentina Fan Club has 57K followers on Facebook!

Rodrigo Guirao at The Guest House at Graceland by Elvis stairs

Guirao’s visit was filled with all of the must sees in town, and we did not disappoint! As our guest, he was able to visit all the must see and do spots from our premier location. Of course, he was treated to the fabulous Beale Street and downtown Memphis experience. He was fascinated by Beale Street coming to life at night–live music, stopping by the funky shops, restaurants and bars. Guirao was keen to enjoy some local flavors and delicious drinks. He also loved the classic cars he ran into on the street, and even stopped to take a few pics for his Instagram fans!

Visiting Elvis’ home at Graceland was a highlight for Guirao, making his pilgrimage complete. Touring the iconic mansion brought his experience full circle–seeing exactly where Elvis lived, relaxed and spent time with his friends and family. Celebrating the world’s most famous entertainer of all time made Guirao’s vacation a success!

Guirao’s visit was packed full of local activities. But when he needed a little down time, we were there to roll out the royal treatment with plenty of amenities here at the hotel. In fact, after his visit to Graceland, he treated himself to a little sunny vitamin D compliments of our resort pool. He was quite impressed that it took only a mere stroll across the street from Graceland to be poolside in minutes!

How does Guirao have over 1 million Instagram followers? He’s insightful and talented, but the trips to the gym don’t exactly hurt! He loved working out in our onsite gym to stay on top of his fitness routine.

We shared our Southern hospitality with the Latin star the way we do best– making him feel at home, the way Elvis would want it done. Just like all of our guests, Guirao received our rock’n roll royalty treatment from the moment he walked in the lobby until he left. He found our specialty themed suites, devoted staff, dining and concierge service unparalleled during his stay.

We want to thank Rodrigo for choosing to stay with The Guest House at Graceland while enjoying his Memphis vacation and sharing his glowing reviews and experience with his fans. It was a pleasure serving him!

If you are an international Elvis fan and want to have a similar vacation experience as Rodrigo Guirao, book your stay at The Guest House at Graceland.

Video credit to Michael Butler, Photo credit to Michael Butler, Rodrigo Guirao, and the staff of The Guest House at Graceland.

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