Christmas Decor Graceland

A special weekend of fun and adventure awaits you at Graceland. During that weekend, you will get a rare opportunity of attending three live concerts, featuring some of the best names in the industry. The events will be hosted at Graceland Sound Stage at Graceland – Elvis Presley’s ultra-modern entertainment hub. You will be among thousands of people to attend the premiere event on the Graceland grounds. And why should you miss such an event? If you had other weekend plans, it is time to cancel and reschedule. There are certain things in life you cannot afford to miss. So, which festivals are you going to want to attend?

Christmas Decor Graceland

Well, on Friday 15th of December, there will be a thrilling live orchestra, featuring some of the best Christmas hits ever done by Elvis. The music will be relayed on the big screen. You will get an opportunity to walk down memory lane, as you enjoy some great music from the King. The fun does not stop. On Saturday 16th December, there will be two themed concerts, combined into one. There will be an Elvis Star-Studded Rock n’ Roll Show as well as an Elvis Gospel Christmas show, combined into one main event. As you can see, you will have double the fun, for a price of one event.

In addition to the holiday shows and events, Graceland is launching a white, Knabe baby grand piano, which was originally bought by the king himself for his home, in 1957. The launching will be done on December 16. The piano will be available for viewing in the great music room. The music room is undergoing restoration to give it the 1960s look and feel.

For a better experience, we suggest buying VIP tickets. They will give you a unique photo opportunity to pose with the piano a day before the launch. After all, some memories cannot be compared to money. Ticket only packages, hotel packages, as well as individual packages, are currently available for this once-in-a-lifetime event. The available tickets have divided into four different categories, ranging from $35 to $125 per concert. You are advised to buy tickets early enough since chances are high the shows will sell out

Stay at the Guest House at Graceland Resort

The special holiday weekend at Graceland is not complete without staying at the Guest House at Graceland Resort. This resort offers some of the best deals you can come across in the area. You can either secure a holiday VIP package or a standard package. For the VIP package, you get to spend two great nights in a specialty suite. The package also comes with two VIP tickets to all the three events happening at the facility. You will get the best concert seating, to ensure you have maximum fun. VIP tickets also give you an opportunity to pose with the piano, as well as special meet and greet moment with some of the best musicians to grace the event.

For the standard package, you will spend two nights in a guest room, and receive two Deluxe tickets for the three events. Seems like a weekend plan? Book the tickets and mark the dates on your calendar today.