5 Kid-Friendly Things To Do This Summer in Memphis, Tennessee

Published On: July 13th, 2018

Staying at the Guesthouse at Graceland this summer? Make sure to bring the kids along to Elvis’ neck of the woods. There is a ton of stuff to do for kids, and we reckon that adults will have fun doing them, too.

A. Schwab Store

Here are our top five fun things to do this summer in Memphis (for kids):

Memphis is one of the places in the country where memory, heritage and history are really quite important. If every other city is evolving and changing its face every few years, Memphis is a beautiful time capsule where you’ll feel right at home.

And so the first activity we’d like to recommend would be to visit A. Schwab, which is Beale Street’s most wizened (and oldest) business. Grab a milkshake in this historic place, which has been established in 1876. That’s right – 1876! Way to enjoy history – with a tasty and fresh milkshake. After that you can go upstairs and have your photos taken in the special photo booth complete with quirky hats. And if you want to introduce your kids to the toys of your youth, head down to the retro toy store downstairs and wait for the oohs and ahs to follow.

The second place that we’d like you to visit would be the Shelby Farms Park, which comes with a ton of activities for kids. There’s a massive playground there with super long slides, rope webs, and other amenities that has earned a lot of five stars from discerning kids who like the playground a lot, plus design critics who know how to spot a well-maintained playground from one that isn’t. Say goodbye to boring park memories when you visit the Shelby Farms Park.

Movie-going is a classic family activity, right? Time to visit the CTI 3D Giant Theater, which is located in the Pink Palace. The Pink Palace has been around since the 1920s and is now a modern museum. When you’re done with a screening in the giant theater, feel free to look around the museum itself. Make sure you pass by the miniature circus setup which is extremely elaborate for something its size (we guarantee lots of smiles and excite over this particular exhibit).

Of course, your visit wouldn’t be complete without passing by the Memphis Botanic Garden. The Memphis Botanic Garden features My Big Backyard, which is actually a massive wonderland for kids. It has all the great features of the best playgrounds plus lots and lots of space to run around and just enjoy being kids (and adults, if you’re up for the running around). In addition to the slides, there are also rope webs and playhouses for the most complete playground experience.

And finally, don’t forget to visit parks like the Peabody Park and Beal Street Landing for some summer splashing, and then some. Take photos with the I Love Memphis murals around town, too!

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