5 Fun Things To Do In Memphis Near Elvis’ Graceland

Published On: September 11th, 2018

The Guest House at Graceland is steps away from Elvis’ home, the Graceland Mansion, and is the perfect getaway for folks who are coming to stay in Memphis for a vacation.

Sun Studio Memphis

This majestic resort features massive accommodations that have all been architecturally matched to The King’s tastes and sensibilities. From the two-person accommodations all the way to the largest suites, the Guesthouse at Graceland is replete with Elvis history and music, and you would not want to miss the regular, annual events that take place in the resort that celebrate The King’s music and life.

Of course, you would be interested in what to visit while you are at Graceland. Here are our top five picks of fun things to do when you are in Memphis near Elvis’ Graceland.

#1 Sun Studio

The Sun Studio is a tourist staple because of its history and grand old style. It is a recording studio that was established by Sam Philips at 706 Union Avenue in the 1950s.

In August 1953, a young Elvis Presley visited Sam Philips’ studio because he wanted to create a record as a gift to his mother.

It was said that he was not interested in anything else, and was just curious of how he would sound like when finally recorded on a vinyl disc. Around this time, the studio owner was looking for someone who could bring back the jive associated with music like jazz, rock and roll, and the blues.

#2 Blues Hall of Fame

The Blues Hall of Fame is a music museum located in Memphis. It was started by the Blues Foundation in 1980. The structure contains mementos and other items previously owned by iconic figures and persons in rock and roll and the blues, like jackets, discs, posters, and the like. If you are interested in museums, this is certainly a good place to start your walking tour.

#3 Graceland Harley Davidson

Graceland Harley Davidson is actually a motorcycle dealership that has tons of good stuff for tourists like shirts and other mementos. You can get jewelry, pins, shirts, and other memorabilia from this dealership. And yes, looking at new Harleys is always a good way to spend a few hours while in Memphis.

#4 Backbeat Tours

Backbeat Tours, located on 126 Beal St., currently ranks eight out of 30 similar tours in the city, and offers a handful of specialty tours that will delight all tourists.

You can book in advance tours like Memphis Ghosts Walking Tour, Memphis Mojo Music Bus Tour, and the Historic Memphis Walking Tour. Guided tours are entertaining and won’t take up all day, so you will have time to visit other places in the city before you head back to the Guesthouse at Graceland.

#5 Sweet Magnolia Tours

Another local tour business worth approaching, Sweet Magnolia Tours will take you to interesting places around Memphis, and can even bring you to Tupelo where Elvis was born.

Enjoy all of these tours and many more things to do when you book a room early at the Guest House at Graceland, as they can all be reached easily from the resort. We look forward to you staying with us soon!

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